The rs2000 mk5 and 6 are fairly easy to extract a few more ponies out of  at very little expense,go for the proven mods first of all like a modded exhaust manifold/zorst/colins chip/modded airbox/forget the cone filter/then move onto modded plenums and ported throttle body.How about a big throttle body they do fit on using a conversion plate,but we do recommend the fitment of an uprated fpr,one from the cosworth escort as it fits straight on the fuel rail. Mustang/Honda/SB/Hows or Focus Central  in 65/66 that will bolt straight on with  Big Plenum kit .Big air intake hose to standard airbox kits  in various colours~some cutting to fit.

You can hike the bhp up from the standard 150bhp to around the 170-175 bhp with external mods,you don`t need internal mods ect to extract this,beyond this,you really need to start thinking of cams,headwork,throttle bodies /2.3 conversion/turbo/supercharger~all been done, some with blown bottom ends,be warned the rs bottom end does not like over 190bhp in standard form,get the right kit.Be prepared to hammer the bank  balance.Its not the easiest of motors to tune.If you want the ultimate rs2000 look no further than the Maxi kit Car wide arch ~Rally.Be prepared to part with  for a well used one,comes complete with a mountune engine capable or 285bhp,with a stripdown every 1000 miles.At this stage Cosworth and Evo springs into mind.

































Our old MK5 with our mods over at Tewkesbury





For Sale Heatrapped RS2K Mk5/6 2wd non Aircon Modded Exhaust Manifolds,all APS removed,header entries widened for more power Plus BHP ! then externally Migged for added Strength 95 plus 15 post.No overseas sorry.






Fit a New Race Manifold+ 5 to 8 bhp available from ebay if you search overseas.







Exhaust Modification RS2000 mk/6 4bhp for free.If you have access to a die grinders/carbide cutters/disc cutter and mig welder.


Bottom of picture is your standard manifold fitted to your motor.

Top of picture is a modded one that has been worked on,ie the old aps

has been completely removed and migged over,the aperatures to the

runners have been opened "note the weld rim on the bottom manifold"

all thats left to do is run a weld externally round the top of the runners

where they meet the flange as remember the inner weld has been removed weakening the joint then heatrap the lot for less underbonnet temps.


You should end up with something looking like this below.





Standard RS2k Throttle Body Tricks


Throttle body wise we all know what the standard one looks like pretty boring and dull to look at usually caked inside with crud  around the choke plate.With a little bit of work and a lathe and sandblast equipment and some work on the choke plate spindle ypu can make yours more responsive.


Other tricks of the tuner for the rs2k mk5/6

There are many more mods we used on our rs2k mk5 to take us to the 175 bhp mark without spending a fortune~no internal engine modz remember, some that we have guarded with some secrecy to this day,one mod we have, would take you with one ring spanner and a drill and half a metre of twin cable and 15 minutes of your time and would make you 4 bhp no problem,gr8 for the summer when temps get hot.


How about a full disk setup on the rear for the mk6 without changing the whole rear beam to a cruddi mk5 and keep your abs?All parts available from your local scrappi for peanuts.


We have a lot of Rs2k spare parts/tuned parts available surplus to our requirements,including modded single throttle bodies,modded airboxes,modded manifolds,fuel rails,flywheels.


If you look in the Blog you will find a few new/2nd hand items for sale~ uprated discs n pads,exhaust manifold x 3,iscv with take off to cone filter ect,momo corse steering wheel,mk6 strutbrace if you cant see what you looking for give me or Darren an e/mail we might have it.













 FORD RS2K MK 5 & 6